2 - 14 JULY 2014, CHILE

Chile really did come to me as if in a dream. B had been talking about visiting his friend, Mark, there for about a year already, though I had not actively thought I would be joining him. Everything - from saying I would join, to buying the air tickets, to making the travels plans - happened through me without me taking much notice. As though I were watching my body with some strange curiosity perform these actions from a metaphysical state. And then we landed. Into the clear, crisp winter air of the city; the sky cleared of the usual smog from a night-long rainfall. The snow-capped mountains rose up to meet us along the urban horizon in a fantastic melody of dust and light.

And so our adventure towards the outskirts of Patagonia began. Chile surpassed all (un)expectations that I had of it. Each day, the three musketeers and I (with camera), were presented with newinspiringbeautiful things to marvel at. At what marvels they were.