This is the last post from a series that I began last year, when the itch to write about our recent travels overpowered everything else. Now, more than a year later, it is the time that has lapsed that is pushing me into (finally) posting everything. It has been such a pleasure going through the photos once more, reliving the memories of travel that so excites me. This process has made me appreciate the wedding work we do even more - the ability to relive the moments, with the emotions they bring, can only be even more special with a wedding day.

Speaking of weddings, the reason we were able to make our trip to Australia was because of one. My cousin, Christopher's, in Canberra. Largely filled with university students and government officials, Canberra felt a little like a movie-set for Stepford Wives. It was wonderful to spend time with a side of my family who I don't see too often (as in every decade or so), and even more of a pleasure to be able to partake in the wedding, which was freezing, pouring with rain and beautiful (see our photos here).

Our brief time in Sydney was highlighted by meeting up with a friend, Piet, who is studying entertainment management and is obsessed with music. Our flight into Sydney at sunset was spectacular, the sun washing the glass-covered buildings in gold and dancing upon the water in a welcoming gesture, giving us an inkling of how beautiful the city would present itself to us during our stay.