The amount of time that had passed between Kayla Tess and Sean meeting with us to discuss documenting part of their journey and meeting Aaron seemed to compress somehow in time and space to feel like a matter of weeks! It was almost surreal to walk into their home and see Kayla-Tess bumpless once more and Aaron blinking up at us in all of his glorious realness. 

We love children, the way they can be so oblivious to the camera, and so outright - void of the social graces that we grow into, their cheeky grins and their almost frantic excitement to gobble up each new moment and experience. At this stage, Aaron Nicholas Pattendon was still a babbling squirmer - but a cute one at that - and clearly the apple of both of his parents' eyes.

We have no doubts that he is going to grow up in a loving home, filled with a zest for life to match.