I (Nicola) grew up knowing Ant as an intimidating, brilliant drummer in my church. It has been in later years, when the steep incline of age difference seems to come to some kind of plateau, that Brent and I came to know him as the open, joyful and encouraging person that he is. Maegan is just as lovely (well, arguably lovelier) than Ant, and one cannot help but feel welcome around them.

This welcoming attitude of theirs was made even more apparent to us on their wedding day - they gave a blessing over their guests (sprinkling salt over which the crowd should walk), and wrote individual notes to every single person who attended their wedding. These were just a couple of things that made the day feel so sincere.

It has been such a joy being a small part of the beginnings of your journey together, Ant & Maegan. We pray that the evident sincerity of your wedding day will be a reflection of the rest of your lives together.

Much love,

B & N