Doing this couple shoot was particularly special for us in two ways - firstly, Irene has been one of our chief fans/encouragers from the beginning of Knit Together. We became friendly with her whilst in music college at Stellenbosch, and it was through her that we ended up shooting our second wedding (her brother’s, Paul). Not only is she an incredibly gifted pianist, but she is now busy with her law degree and has some photography skills of her own. Secondly, she asked if we would be willing to do a couple shoot with her and Jason on film, something we have never done before (in spite of both shooting film fairly regularly for personal enjoyment). We were a little nervous of offering it professionally, but it was great fun to walk around with two film camera bodies and different types of film, having to trust our inner eye and light metres rather than the review screen on our cameras.

They wanted the shoot to be more about them enjoying every day life together, rather than just portraits, and opted to take a stroll with us through Longstreet in town, holding hands and laughing for the most part. We even enjoyed our first ride on the MyCiti bus system on the shoot - albeit attempting to balance and shoot with out toppling on top of other passengers with the bus in motion!

Thank you, Jason & Irene, for allowing us to experiment a little. 

Much love and best wishes,

B & N