As the first wedding of our wedding season, we could not have asked for a better couple. Malcolm and Bronwyn’s love and commitment to each other was evident through out the entire day, and they were such a pleasure to photograph - having a relaxed, inviting atmosphere about them. 

When we initially met Bronwyn at a coffee spot in town, the barrister pulled us aside as she left, having been blown away by her captivating beauty - something that is both external and internal in her, and that we only saw more the more we interacted with her. Malcolm and her are a couple who turn heads, and who we are sure work their way into most people’s hearts around them. We were particularly touched by their obvious respect and love for their families and friends, and it was difficult not to be moved to tears when Bronwyn and her father, setting his crutch aside, shared a dance.

Thank you, M & B, for treating us with such kindness and encouragement through out the whole process. It has been a blessing seeing a glimpse into your lives, and we pray that your marriage would be a source of strength for each of you for the rest of your lives.

Much love,

B & N