Tony & Julie simply radiate joy. They both have such an infectious faith in God, that it is hard to not feel at ease around them. Their early afternoon wedding was bathed in sunlight, after a week of almost solid rain in Cape Town, as though God had especially arranged the weather for them. The intimate wedding was perfectly framed by the laid-back atmosphere of the suburban house and garden that it was held in, and it was extremely clear that they are surrounded by amazing family and friends. How can you not love a wedding where the bride's sisters jump in the pool at the end of the afternoon? 

One of Nicola's favourite moments occurred whilst hanging out with the girls getting ready. Julie's best friend had started practising the song, Amazing Grace, that she was to sing during the ceremony. Just after she started to sing, the room began to fill up with the Julie's family, and an utter sense of peace transcended upon the room, paving the day towards the joyous wedding.

Thank you, Tony & Julie, for the most chilled wedding we have ever shot, the encouragement you blessed us with, and The Most Amazing Cheesecake Ever.